Thursday, August 14, 2014

Moving forward with The Lord.

This last month has been so crazy. But I'm thankful for God, and all the lessons He gives. He has been reminding me that He has grace for me everyday. We had a very busy July and first week of August. Our kids were spread out between Columbia Falls, MT and Colorado.  We are all home now. It feels very good to try and get back to normal.

We will start school in a week or so, if Dave will agree. ;) He does not like us to start too early. Which surprises me every year. The twins will start pre algebra September 1. They have a tutor for that. For that I'm thankful. :)

My grandpa and grandma will be here next week for a few days. That makes me super happy!! I will have seen them 4 times in a year now! Gotta love Papa George and Grandma Emilie. :)

My parents are traveling to see different family members right now. Dad thinks he will be in Montana this fall. I hope that's true. ;) If not, the kids and I may travel down there. We shall see. He's tired all the time. I know he appreciates all the prayers. God has done amazing things in his life. I'm thankful.

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