Thursday, August 14, 2014

Moving forward with The Lord.

This last month has been so crazy. But I'm thankful for God, and all the lessons He gives. He has been reminding me that He has grace for me everyday. We had a very busy July and first week of August. Our kids were spread out between Columbia Falls, MT and Colorado.  We are all home now. It feels very good to try and get back to normal.

We will start school in a week or so, if Dave will agree. ;) He does not like us to start too early. Which surprises me every year. The twins will start pre algebra September 1. They have a tutor for that. For that I'm thankful. :)

My grandpa and grandma will be here next week for a few days. That makes me super happy!! I will have seen them 4 times in a year now! Gotta love Papa George and Grandma Emilie. :)

My parents are traveling to see different family members right now. Dad thinks he will be in Montana this fall. I hope that's true. ;) If not, the kids and I may travel down there. We shall see. He's tired all the time. I know he appreciates all the prayers. God has done amazing things in his life. I'm thankful.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Dad

Hello handful of ladies who read this blog!
This week has been ruff . I'll get right to the point. My dad was told he has stage 4 lung cancer. They say he has  then one year. God only knows.  So, my sister had been on vacation there with her kids and my Tim, when my parents found all this out. So, this weekend Dave, myself and our 3 kids that are here will go to CO for a week. We appreciate all the  love, prayer and encouragement. Mom and dad have asked that all questions and encouragement be sent to me or my sister. We will answer best we can and of course pass on encouragement! Thank you  in advance for the prayers. God bless you all. God is in control!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Good night. Good bye!

I doubt too many people read this anymore. I've not been faithful to it. When my mom left the blogging world I kind of quit too. Often it was for her ;) Now we talk in the phone more. That's always nice. Anyhow...
Dave and I will stay busy with 4 kids,responiblity at church, and his work. We are blessed. We had a great family camp in SD. God is so good.
Tim is with Aunt Mandie in Colorado for awhile. Dave and I will take the kids to his his mom and dad for a week at the end of the month. That's the long and the short of it! God bless.:)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Andy's 9th birthday!

Today April 24th, is Andy's 9th birthday. We are having pizza for dinner and friends and family over for cake and ice cream! He's pretty happy to turn 9. I can't believe he's 9. It's crazy when your kids get older... I'm still 29! ;-)
We got home last Friday from Columbia Falls. The kids had so much fun at Granny and Papa Dave's. Beth and Andy dyed eggs. All the kids  roasted hot dogs over their Bon fire.
I got to do some shopping in Kalispell. I enjoy that a lot. But I admit, I'm getting more and more use to small town life. Even though I complain about it sometimes ;)
I do have some of my bulb flowers coming up!! That makes me happy. We had a great Winter. But VERY cold. I'm sure I mentioned the -39 -49 below with OUT the wind! So, we are ready for Spring. The flowers coming up are a welcome sight.
Dave and I leave for a 6 day Honeymoon in 11 days!! We have never vacationed just the 2 of us. So, this is pretty exciting. Pear Harbor, a peacock preserve, Dole pineapple plantation, rent bikes one day! So, much fun.
Well... I better keep moving! If I knew how to post pictures from my iPad or iPhone on this blog I would! Ha!
I'll figure it out one day.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Will the madness end ? ;)

I sure hope not!! The kids and I made a spur of the moment trip to Colorado last week. SO fun. It was  Friday night the 28th we just finished dinner. Dave was getting ready for work. He and I were the last ones at the table and I said "I miss Colorado." Dave said"I know you do." "Hey! When's your grandpas 80th birthday ?"  I said...."The day after tomorrow!"  He said " We'll, just go!" I was like..." Wow! Are you sure..?" Long story short the kids and I left the next day!!! :D took me 14 hours to get there 13 1/2 home.  We left on a Saturday and come home on a Saturday. We had a great time. And Grandpa and Grandma were SO happy to see the kids.
Guess what? I get to drive again this saturday! Only 4 hours this time ;)

Can't wait to see you again Mom! Andy and Beth are convinced they'll have more fun with you and dad, than Dave and I will on a honeymoon!! Crazy kids ;)

Thanks again Jamey for going shopping with me!! I wore one of my new outfits to church Sunday with a jean jacket. I love it!! :)

Then 1 month after all that, we leave for camp. I have to teach 4 1 hr classes! Yikes... And it's for kids ages 5-11. Huge age range. I'm praying the Lords help!! I need it. I really, really, want to be a blessing to these kids.
Okay. That's all the news from here! Love ya Mom. See ya soon.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Today was the first day of Spring.... That means, sun, flowers blooming, birds singing. Nope this is Montana ;) We had snow, and rain mix. Oh, well. My bulb flowers are getting good moisture.

We hope to start selling pizza cards this weekend. The $ will go to camp. $5 Dominos Pizza cards. We are praying The Lord will bless this, just like last year. :) So, can we sell you one Grandma? ;)

Speaking of Grandma... (This is mostly for you anyway.) We are looking forward to you coming in May. I have a small stock pile of the kids favorite cereal. I have some ground deer, and I will have chicken, veggies ect too... We are excited.

Dan has been sick since Monday. Andy was sick first. Then me and Beth. Now, Dan... Well, I hope tomorrow is better for him. He loves to eat! I bet he's eatin'  like 1 cups worth of food all week. So, I know the kid is sick. I feel bad for him. Thanks for praying, mom.

I will mail that note for Jane soon. Thanks for telling me about it. I love ya. Maybe I can talk to you this weekend?! :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Thankful Heart

Just a quick post to say how thankful I am for God's blessings to us. We've had a good week. Dave
and I are really looking forward to a honeymoon, in May.

We had a nice night at Mandie and Caleb's. He smoked chicken legs and they were yummy! Dave was bummed to miss it :/ Dave should be home for dinner today. I say today because it's 1am... I know, I know. I'm dumb. But when the kids and I got home we did some chores and I worked out for a while. We had a devotion and I had a shower, now bed!

I plan to roast a turkey today or maybe tomorrow. I got a honey suckle for a very good price. I plan to make 3 meals with it. I love it when I can do that.

The kids are moving along with their school. Beth is pretty much done with her books. I have her reading a lot and some busy work. Andy has a fair bit of math to finish before we quit the end of May. The twins are doing well. They will take a 2 hour test this week. It's for their high school math course they took with a tutor. They are smarter then their mother, in that department. I do hope it goes well for them. I know they worked hard and had a few bumps in the road. Yet, now that's it's over they seemed to really like it. They too have some busy work to finish by May.

We are selling Domions Pizza cards again this year for $5. The $ will go toward family camp. Our convention/ camp is all these kids have ever year outside of local church. So, we are praying God will bless it again this year. If you think of it please say a prayer that we can meet the goal again this year. God was SO good last year to bless the effort. We have 5 teachers and 8 kids that are planning to go, last I knew. I also will pray for the other camps/ campers around your regions as well. :)

Ok, that's it for me. Hope you see this Mom! Maybe I can call you this afternoon.
Good night, blog land.